We’re changing for you!

We’re changing for you!

We know it sucks that you can’t buy from us in the US right now, but we’re completely re-making our website. It is going to be awesome. You will even be able to buy laptops in North America. Please, hold with us for a few weeks while we finish re-organization. If you want to check more out go here www.dreammachines.pl which is our international website. If you need to you can always contact us, otherwise we’ll be back online shortly!

If you want to buy our mouse now in USA now you can get it at outletpc.com

DM1 Pro: http://www.outletpc.com/nx6413-dream-machines-dm1-pro-gaming-mouse.html

DM2 Comfy: http://www.outletpc.com/ej9110-dream-machines-dm2-comfy-gaming-mouse.html

— The Dream Machines’ Team

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